Photo Credit: Empower Network

A person that lacks lack self-confidence is likely to feel like they cannot achieve their goals and that they are incapable of SEIZING THEIR LIFE. Those lacking confidence have the tendency to view life with a negative lens that distorts their perspective about self and what they gain accomplish in life. The good news is that self-confidence is something that can be built with practice. The truth is that we all have our down days and moments when our self-confidence can use a little uplifting.

Here are 5 ways you can start to build and rebuild your self-confidence in order to seize the day.


1. Use Your Words Carefully
Dr. Wayne Dyer, the “father of motivation,” was well known for his speeches on the power I AM. There is an enormous amount of power in words. Spoken words and thoughts can positively and negatively change a person’s life. One of the BEST ways I know to gain self-confidence is to “SPEAK IT” into existence. Instead of saying I am incapable of getting a job, shift to I am capable. Similarly, negative statements with a positive statement, for example, I am not able to live in peace becomes I am peace. I am unlucky in love would be replaced with  I am love and I am unworthy of happiness becomes I am happiness. The words that follow “I am” define who you are and what you are capable of so use the phrase carefully.


2. Focus on Your Strengths
The Gallop organization has done extensive research on the positive effects of leveraging one’s strengths. Focusing on your accomplishments, identifying and understanding how you have and will use your strengths has proven to build self-esteem and one’s resiliency. In school-aged students and college students focusing on one’s strengths leads to better GPAs and a strong sense of hope and a decline in absences and tardiness.

Clifton StrengthsFinder is a GREAT self-assessment tool for identifying one’s strengths. Another way to identify one’s strengths is to take a personal survey among friends, family and colleagues asking them what they think you excel at or to list your accomplishments. It’s important to remember that we ALL have strengths!


3. Give Yourself and Pep Talk
No team has ever taken the field or court without a pep talk from their coach. Sometimes we have to give ourselves a pep talk. You may have been charged with getting more done with fewer resources at work in an environment where every win is scored and also quickly forgotten. Giving yourself a pep talk is a great way to remind yourself of your STRENGTHS; the things that you have done, are doing and will do well. Pep talks also reinforce your self-worth. We all want to be valued; it’s important to remember that valuation starts with self-valuation. {Here’s a great link to a great pep talk template…think Mad Libs for self-confidence.}


4. Stop Comparing
The practice of comparison is a doubled edged knife at times it can be a great motivator, but it can also promote self-doubt and foster low self-esteem. We live in a society that is “constantly” connected. It’s important to remember that life isn’t always what it appears or seems to be and that the grass is always NOT greener especially when it comes to social media posts. Don’t fall victim to being your hardest critic; stop entertaining that critic called self by comparing yourself to others.


5. Dress for Success
I firmly believe that dressing up changes how people respond to US and how WE respond to situations. When I was in college business professors, use to say “dress for the position you want, not the position you have.” Dressing for success helps build self-confidence because when we dress well; we feel better, and we act differently. Dressing for success is a way for one to build self-confidence by changing what they outwardly project.

Here’s building or rebuilding your self-confidence!