Does it?

Why do premature deaths happen, why are people laid off from their jobs, why are women raped, innocent children killed, why do some people go to bed hungry…the list goes on and on.

I’m really not sure why we experience bad things or suffer from unpleasantries, but on the other hand I don’t know why we experience good things; love, happiness, unexpected blessings even luck as some would call it.

It’s funny how we question the bad things in life and not the perceived good things. I believe that our lives are similar to mosaics. Our experiences, both the good and bad, our personal victories and regrets are the colorful pieces of tile, glass and stone that make up our mosaics. That being the case everything does happen for a reason. Our experiences shape and form our lives into beautiful pictures like the tile, glass and stone that make mosaics art. We need all of our experiences both the good and the bad to complete our pictures.

Everything does happen for a reason.

For those that may need a visual check out: