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Personal style isn’t about chasing every single trend seen on the runway at fashion week. Style is about having clothing that allows the wearer feel confident and beautiful based on fashion trends and personal preference. Style is about wearing clothing that works for YOU.



  • Bold colors, jewel tones
  • Expect to see it dresses, pants, blouses, skirts
  • The hottest colors of the season are blue and orange…every lady needs a splash of blue and orange in her wardrobe season



  • It’s no longer taboo to mix sparkle, sequins, metallics and textures
  • Sparkles and metallics can be used to create a look designed to “stand out” 
  • Not just for evening or going out on the town incorporate sparkle and metallics in day looks this season



  • Softens looks
  • Brings an element of femininity
  • Soft and loose, cascading in tiers and falling in gathers



  • They’re back!
  • Also known as the ‘cold shoulder’
  • Works with tops and dresses



  • Natural, less refined materials like pearls, shells and crystals
  • Intertwined beads and metals  

For more on spring fashion trends for 2016 watch this video.