Social distancing doesn’t mean you cant be social.

The holidays are here! Yes, it is already that time of year again. Fallen leaves line the sidewalks, snow days are here or up head, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. This year though, the holidays are going to look and feel a little different. Some friends and family may be skipping the plane trip and choose a more pandemic friendly way of celebrating virtually at home, while others may choose to get together somewhere outside in the open, weather permitting. Safety, especially for the older people in our community, is key this year for most social gatherings in order to keep community spread of Covid-19 low. How does one keep holiday traditions and family holiday social gatherings alive while remaining socially distant?  I have come up with some amazing tips for you and your loved ones on how to be appropriately social while staying socially distant.

Keep Socially Distant Kits In Your Car

During the summer a lot of people tend to keep lawn chairs in their car so that they are easily accessible for those kids soccer games,hanging out with neighbors and for other social gatherings. Just because summer is over does not mean those outdoor gatherings have to come to an end. Keep that lawn chair in your car! It may be cold outside and depending on where you live, there may be snow days, but there are always warmer days in between. A lawn chair is great because it provides a place for the neighbors to gather outside or in your garage. It also comes in handy if a friend or family member stops by to visit. They can visit outside in a safer, more socially distant way, while staying appropriately social. Another great thing to keep in the car right by that lawn chair is a blanket. Blankets are a great alternative to a jacket for keeping warm. One of my favorite types of blankets are those that have a hood on them! These are amazing because you can either put your feet in them to stay warm or use them as a hoodie. This blanket/lawn chair kit will help you to stay warm and comfortable while mingling outside.

Invest In a Quality Webcam

Seeing that more and more of our lives are moving to virtual platforms from work to school and family gatherings, it is a good idea to invest in a quality webcam. Virtual connections are important these days and the quality of those interactions can be raised with a good webcam rather than just using your device’s camera. Quality webcams help provide better quality video and sound. This helps with some of the older family members who may have a little harder time hearing than others.  I recommend the Meeting Owl camera if you have a multi person house. I discovered these at a coworking space and it is amazing. The camera moves to showcase whoever is speaking, making this a great camera for families who are doing a virtual holiday gathering.

Bundle Up and Embrace the Outdoors

The outdoors are a great place to appropriately gather with friends and family and remain socially distant and safe. Invest in those amazing hiking boots or other outdoor gear! Get back in touch with nature while getting in touch with those you love. Ski resorts are a great place to injure some outdoor activities as well if you are near one. For those of you that are, purchase some snow or ski pants this season and maybe start some new outdoor holiday adventures. Another great recommendation of mine is wait until it gets dark and have a bonfire. Gather those s’mores fixings, hot dogs and anything else you can roast over the fire and have a ball. I recently gave in and bought the KFC Firelog. It actually smells really good even from inside the box. Everyone will stay warm and still gather around for the holidays.

Grab an Air Purifier and Humidifier

For those of you that will still be gathering around the traditional way in real life safety matters. While air purifiers may not be a medically suggested way to kill off those Covid-19 virus germs they do still help to keep the air inside your home cleaner that it would be without. Not only is Covid-19 floating around but it is also cold and flu season, so cleanliness is important right now during the holidays. Humidifiers are also a great thing to have around during the fall and winter season. Everything tends to dry up during the winter, even the air. A humidifier will help you, your family and your guests breathe a little easier this holiday season, as it brings moisture to the dry air, allowing a lot of relief on the nasal passages and airways. As I mentioned before, it is also cold and flu season and a humidifier can help a lot with keeping the air moist and relieve symptoms for those feeling under the weather.

If you would like to learn more about these tips check out my segment on WCCO-TV ! Those were my recommendations on some ways to stay socially appropriate in the time of social distancing. As always, stay safe + responsible and remember to carpe diem!!