How to have a fun Halloween even during the pandemic of 2020

Halloween has a different face this year due to the pandemic. The more traditional celebrations like Halloween parties and trick or treating may have been put on hold for now, but that does not mean that fun is off of the agenda! There are more things to do than just eating candy while watching horror movies. I have come up with some fun ways the entire family can get into the Halloween spirit. There is a little something for everyone here, even a boozy candy pairing. Let’s get started!

Crayon Dripped Pumpkins

Up first on my list of tricks is a twist on the traditional pumpkin carving tradition. “Crayon Dripped Pumpkins” is an activity that will get the kids engaged and busy for an hour or two. This no carve alternative to decorating pumpkins is slightly less messy than pumpkin carving and definitely less work. This fun and engaging activity will keep the kids busy for hours and this pumpkin activity can be enjoyed by even the smallest of Halloweengoers. 


Pumpkins (the smaller size work the best)


Glue (I prefer to use my hot  glue gun)

Blow Dryer (or oven check out the HACK TIP below)


1.  Peel labels from crayons and break in half. If you have kids, you know that most of their crayons are half broken to begin with)

2. Talk the crayons that you have broken in half and glue them onto the crown of the pumpkin making a circle all the way around.

3. Place your blow dryer on high and watch those crayons melt. 

4. Allow the pumpkins to cool for a minimum of 10 minutes before you allow your kids to touch their masterpieces. 

HACKERS TIP: If you’re inpatient like me, you can place your pumpkins in the oven to allow the wax to melt. Set the oven to 200 and allow it to warm while you’re doing steps 1-2. Place the pumpkins in the oven on a foil lined sheet pan for 10-12 minutes. Allow the pumpkins to cool for a minimum of 10 minutes before you allow your kids to touch their masterpieces. 

This fun, cheap activity is easy and most kids could even do this in a group or on their own if they are old enough to use a blowdryer.

Googly Eyed Rocks

This second activity is easy, fun and cute. Googly eyed rocks make adorable Halloween decorations and are great because most of the materials needed, besides the googly eyes, can be found in or around your house. One of my favorite things about making these is that the rocks can be found just about anywhere outdoors. Take the kids for a walk around the neighborhood and pick up some rocks on the way back. Here is what you will need to make these.


1. Rocks (again these can be found in most places if you take a walk at a park or around your neighborhood. If not a craft store or Wal-Mart are other great options.)

2. Googly eyes

3. Glue


1. Clean the rocks and allow them to dry. This is just in case there is any leftover dirt or other grime from the outdoors on the rocks.

2. Paint the rock using  acrylic paint or spray paint. You can also use rocks in their natural clean state.

2. Glue the googly eyes on the rocks.

Pretty quick and simple and they can brighten up the house in a cute Halloween way. There are other variations of this craft. If you’re feeling adventurous you can always place them around your neighborhood or your favorite walking path to brighten someone else’s day! 

Candy and Wine Pairing

Now that we have the children taken care of, the adults need to have a little fun too! Trick-or-treating may be off the menu but candy is not! I know everyone likes to pair wine with cheeses and fruits but why not pair that wine with some candy. 

Skittles + Sauvignon Blanc

Being that skittles are very sweet and fruity it makes sense to pair them with a wine that’s fruity and zesty. Overstone Sauvignon Blanc is an invigorating pairing with its flavors of guava and passion fruit followed through with crisp, vibrant acidity. This pairing is great for those that like bright, flavorful, crispy, fruity, light and sweet matches.

Twix + Red Blend

This pairing is one of my favorites. I love the smooth, decadent, well balanced flavors of red blends, A Twix with its rich combination of chocolate, shortbread and caramel pairs well with a red blend featuring Shiraz. I have found the best red blend for this to be by Le Grand Noir GSM (Grenach-Shiraz-Mourvedre). This wine has  intense aromas of cocoa, and spice that pairs well with the chocolate.

Kit Kat + Malbec

Kit Kats are a Halloween candy classic so it makes sense that this candy should also be paired with a wine.The chocolate and wafer in the candy bar pairs perfectly with a smooth, full-bodied Malbec. Doῆa Paula Los Cardos Malbec is the brand I would most recommend as it  has spicy, sweet aromas, with notes of red fruit and floral hints. This nutty, smooth, rich pairing is amazing.

Snickers + Bubbly Brut

Snickers bars may help tame those hunger pains according to their commercials but they are also just plain old delicious. Snickers are  rich with nougat, chocolate, caramel, and nuts. I recommend balancing out that richness by sipping some bubbly brut. The fruity flavors of green apple and pear in Le Grand Noir Brut Reserve will play up the caramel and nougat, for a creamy finish. Creamy, rich caramel and some bubbly, can’t go wrong here!

Sour Patch Kids + Riesling

Sweet and sour candies like Sour Patch Kids work well alongside a brightly acidic and citrusy style of wine like Riesling. One of my favorite brands is Starling Castle.This wine is fresh, with a touch of citrus and pear with a fruity mid-palate and crisp acidity. The perfect pairing for Sour Patch Kids!

M&M’s + Sparkling Rose

M&M’s have to be the all time candy classic. Why not pair them with another classic? A bubbly rosé perfectly complements the creamy milk chocolate candy. For those pairing I like to go with Yes Way Rosé Bubbles. It pairs perfectly with M&M’s and the bubbles balance out the creamy smoothness of the candy.

Check out my segment on WCCO-TV  if you want to learn more about these tips! Those are some fun ways everyone can get into the holiday spirit old and young. Just be sure to stay safe + responsible if you do decide to go out and as always carpe diem!!