When I was single I made a list of the VALUES I wanted in a partner. I put that list up on my mirror and the bulletin board in front of my desk because I wanted those values to seep down into my core. I wanted to make sure I embodied and exuded those values. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was tapping into the vibration and energy of my ideal mate.

We are constantly vibrating and sending energy out into the world. Think about the last time you were in a bad mood. On the inside, you were steaming and externally you were quick and unpleasant with those you encountered. You were vibrating and sending out negative energy. While you were vibrating anger, anxiety and unpleasantness did you start to see and/or experience that type of energy in your interactions and experiences?

I try and strive to vibrate joy, love and positivity, but there are times when I don’t vibrate at that level. Have you met my alter-ego, Minerva? She’s a BAD witch with a capital B.  Whatever Minerva vibrates returns to me like a boomerang just like everything else I vibrate.

I’ve also learned I shouldn’t only vibrate goodness and positivity when I’m “out and about”  and come home drained and only capable of giving my loved ones the embers. I call it “giving my best to my nest,” a lesson I learned that lesson from Twin Cities LiveBest of the Nest co-host and my best friend in my head, Elizabeth Ries Reimers.

So what are you vibrating and what type of people are you attracting with that vibration?