One of my OWN Ambassadors shared this video with our group a few weeks ago and I finally took the time to BE STILL, WATCH &PROCESS it.
I’m in Hawaii currently and last night I randomly ended up in two conversations about “expecting.”  In all honesty, I EXPECT a miracle every day! In my heart of heart, flowing through my veins and even pushing on the soles of my shoes I KNOW that God has blessed me and will continue to bless me and for his blessings I am very COGNIZANT & THANKFUL. With that being said I also understand the blessings and favor he continues to shower on me comes with responsibility.So on this 3rd day of this new year I want you to  ask yourself a few questions:

          What is your REALITY?
          Are you OPEN to the possibilities?
          What do you KNOW in your core? (My mom use to say I know that I know that I know) What do you  know that you know you know?
          How are you USING your CALLING?
It’s so easy to get out alignment by becoming comfortable and complacent and by settling for “good enough,” but GOD has blessed all of our lives and he is calling us to be ALL THAT WE CAN BE and all that we can be is personal! He has specific agendas and purposes for our lives. Each persons’ walk is different and worth discovering and acting on.
My challenge to you and myself  in the first 30 days of this year is to take some time to be STILL, LISTEN & KNOW.   Drown out those voices in your head and around you. (A great book recommendation that will help you with the voices in your head….Untethered Soul by Michael Singer).
After you get alignment or realignment get about the business that is your divinely purpose.   BE ALL THAT HE IS CALLING YOU TO BE!  Life is too short and it’s moving to quick not to be on purpose.
CREATE the miracle yourself
Remember THOUGHTS become WORDS that become ACTIONS that become REALITY.
It’s a NEW YEAR….it’s time to do the DAMN THING!