Sometimes the best things in life are those which are often misunderstood.

I remember when I was younger (and even recently) my mother warning me not to become common. She was basically telling me to dare to be different in an “old school….read in between the lines” kind of way. She was encouraging me to go against the grain.

So often we become common as we fall prey to the status quo. We do things because other people are doing them, we fall victim to peer pressure or we try to keep up with “The Jones.” The status quo is not necessarily a bad thing. In common land, people are often accepted and quite comfortable, but why settle for comfort when you can be GREAT?

It’s okay to be misunderstood. Look at Albert Einstein, Terell Owens, Kanye West, Wendy Williams, Hillary & Bill Clinton. Several of the decisions these individuals have made have been misunderstood and scrutinized by the general public, but they have definitely left a mark on modern day society.

Be a little misunderstood. It’s okay…let’s settle for GREATNESS!