I woke up yesterday morning with the word perspective top of mind!  When I think about perspective I envision two people standing in a museum looking at the same picture.  One person sees a terrible thunderstorm and the other person sees people dancing in the rain.

How can that be….aren’t the two people look at the SAME picture?
I contend that they see the painting differently because they are looking at it with different internal lenses.  Those internal lenses provide their perspective.  For many perspective is based on external factors that alter their internal lenses….comfort level, community, politics, family, friends, work environment, the weather and sometimes the alignment of the moon and stars can all affect one’s perspective.

I live in Minneapolis and I really do enjoy living in the “Minnie Apple”….June through October. Ask me how life is in Minneapolis around January 14th and I’ll tell you I’m ready to pack my things and move back south. How can that be when two months ago I was in love with the city?  Dry, brittle, Old Man Winter has showed up and changed my perspective on a city that I really do enjoy living in.

Have you ever been in a rut?  Doing the same thing day after day, with the same people day after day, telling and laughing at the same jokes day after day.  In that case a little trip somewhere different, a conversation with a old college friend or a visit to a local nursing home could provide a much needed change of perspective to get you out of your rut.

So today I ask you what is your perspective?
From what internal lenses are are you viewing things?
Are they lenses of fear, scarcity, negativity or a lenses of joy, gratitude, happiness and abundance?
Are you in a rut?
Do you need to change your perspective?

Carpe Diem