Summer Cleaning and Organizing

The last few months of summer are the perfect time to take a little time for some deep cleaning in preparation for fall. Or perhaps you’re like me, and you didn’t complete all of your spring cleaning projects.  There’s no time like the present to clean and organize. Here are ten cleaning and organizing tips to make the transition to cooler temps easier.

1. Taking your heavy coats to the dry cleaners.

2. Washing your heavy bedspreads and duvets.

3. Have your carpets professionally cleaned. (TIP: Summer months are slow seasons for professional cleaners, and there are LOTS of  carpet cleaning deals can be found online).

4. Deep clean the kitchen by cleaning under and behind appliances; thoroughly clean out the refrigerator and manually cleaning out the oven.

5. Clean out your pantry. Throw away expired food items, any opened packages that may be stale and donate food items you aren’t going to use.

6. Wipe down ceiling fans and clean light fixtures.

7. Clean bathroom cabinets, drawers and don’t forget the medicine cabinet. Make sure you through away expired medicine and flush expired prescriptions or medicine you aren’t taking.

8. Wash pillows (TIP: If you are going away for a vacation or long weekend wash the pillows before you leave so they can air dry while you are away).

9. Clean out your closet…donate items you aren’t wearing or using to Goodwill or other local charities that help communities in need.

10. Clean and repaint baseboards. Baseboards often get this least amount of attention. Show them a little extra TLC with a deep clean this summer (and paint touch-up, if needed).

I feel better when my house is clean and organized. Here’s to taking the time to clean and organize our homes this summer!