This past Sunday I was laying in bed, listening to the white noise of the television and reading a book which was a collection of journal entries from a diverse group of people from around the world.

As I read everyone’s personal story of their life’s journey it dawned on me that these people like so many people in the world (me included) were the WALKING WOUNDED.

Walking Wounded is defined as:
1. People who have been injured in a battle or major accident who are still able to walk
2. People who have suffered emotional wound

We are the walking wounded because we carry the wounds of past disappointments, hurts, mistakes, failed relationships….the hiccups of life around with us.  The wounds don’t paralyze us but they affect us as we strive to live productive lives, create and maintain healthy relationships. The good thing is that most of the wounds heal with time but they often leave a reminder like a scar or keloid reminding of us of the wound.

So my question is how do you handle your wounds and the scars they leave?

I contend that our lives are like mosaics. Our experiences the good, the bad, the ugly and the indifferent are the pieces of broken tile that come together to make something beautiful. I’ve decided to embrace all my wounds and scars but I’m not going to allow them to paralyze me.

Carpe Diem