Do you feel like we’re currently living in a movie?  I sure do!

Yesterday in a very quiet moment I sat at the table and looked outside my kitchen window and I was reminded that peace comes from within. There weren’t any kids playing outside and my neighbors weren’t dashing off somewhere. It was quiet and still and as I soaked up the quietness and stillness outside it dawned on me that I too shared the peace my little street was experiencing.

My life has been filled with many external stressors these days…lost of work; a cross country road trip (picture it: a dog, my husband, limited bathrooms a COVID-19); illness and the sudden and traumatic death of family member with so much life to live and so many people to live for. But there is peace!

These past few weeks I’ve been asked to share tips on “How to Stay Positive in the Age of COVID”  on WCCO-TV, Good Morning Arizona and Almanac and the one tip that never changes is the “need to be connected to Source.”

When the world is rapidly changing around us and we’re facing the big unknown of how life will be after the coronavirus I contend that having faith in something bigger, a divinity of some sort will help you stay grounded and provide peace. As a Christian, I believe “in the word of God I’ve got an anchor;” but I recognize that not everyone is religious or believes the same things that I do and I respect that. PEACE BE WITH US ALL!

I would love to hear how you’re finding peace these days.