Crave patioLast Friday the temperatures FINALLY rose above 70 degrees in Minneapolis. The warm weather instantly brightened everyone’s mood and every patio in town scrambled to open for lunch and dinner. In true Minnesota form I met a few friends for happy hour at Crave to soak up the warmth on their spacious patio in St. Louis Park.

I didn’t know everyone at the happy hour very well but we had a great time talking about our lives, our dreams and plans for the future. Of course, I bought up my mantra of Carpe Diem and why it’s so important to me to seize the day.

One of the ladies asked me, “what lies at the foundation when you think of seizing the day?”


She went on to answer the question by saying for her seizing the day (or life) was really about the experiences she is able to partake in and enjoy. She said when it’s all said and done she’ll have all the memories from her experiences throughout this journey called life to reflect on.

I treasure experiences too. I think experiential learning is one of the best ways to learn because it’s truly hands on. Additionally, experiences are different for all individuals. Three people can eat the same meal but their senses will process the meal differently. A foodie might make the most of food, the preparation and the spices used. An extrovert may keen in on the atmosphere and energy of the restaurant while the third person eating the meal with the group the conversation at the table may be the highlight of their experience.

When I think about my most memorable “carpe diem” moments it comes down to CONNECTING!

Perhaps it’s because I’m an only child, extrovert or the child of “older parents” but I truly enjoy connecting with others. I’m not the best when it comes to remembering names, but if I have a conversation with a person I‘ll remember it.  I love engaging in conversation and listening to other people’s stories. From those stories I gain a sense of connection. Connection in my mind is the foundation for any sustainable friendship and relationship.

It is possible for people to live life with a sense of connection but I believe that a life without true connection is a life void of the richness that other people bring. It’s something powerful about truly connecting with people.

So my friends I ask you, “what lies at the foundation when you think of seizing the day?”